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Three days permanent makeup masterclass


Passion is what lights you up from inside!

Wow! I just got back from an intensive permanent makeup training. I had the opportunity to learn from Dolores Srok, one of the masters in permanent makeup, to refine and specify my technique. I am still amazed by the impressions of the training and can't wait to apply what I learned. Dolores Srok is one of the best trainers in the field of permanent makeup and I can say that it was really a great experience.

The first day the focus was on the lips, "DS Soft Shine Lips" - natural, beautiful, sensual lips.

On the second day the focus was on the eyebrows, "DS Powdery Brows" using targeted shading to give the brows a natural shape.

On the third day the focus was on the eye, "DS Color Dust Eyeliner" the art of taking the harshness out of the eyeliner with a light shading.

Each day was structured so that in the morning I learned the theory, introduction and application of each technique and then Dolores demonstrated this in practical work. In the afternoon I could then work independently under the strict supervision and all-seeing eyes of Dolores. Nothing escaped her and she registered and corrected every little deviation. Maximum concentration was the order of the day and you can imagine how tired I fell into bed in the evening.

DS Soft Shine Lips

DS Powdery Brows

DS Color Dust Eyeliner

The pictures you can see here show my work of the 3 days and are photographed directly after the treatment. As you can read in my blog post "Consultations - Why I offer them for free & without obligation". Blogbeitrag «Beratungsgespräche – Warum ich sie kostenlos & unverbindlich anbiete», permanent makeup builds up in several steps or treatments. After the first treatment, about 50% of the color falls out of the skin during the healing process and the result turns out correspondingly lighter than it can be seen directly after the treatment.

At this training I not only got a lot of new input and learned new techniques, but also met new colleagues, exchanged experiences and made new "connections". Networking is also very important in this profession to not stand still and to always be up to date.

As you may have noticed, I place great emphasis on quality in my work. Quality not only in the materials I use, but also in the technique I use to provide you with a coordinated permanent makeup that enhances your natural beauty and makes you glow happily every day. I see pigmenting as an art and a craft with a high level of responsibility, so I am constantly educating myself and taking such opportunities to learn from the best.

MIU – Make it Unique

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