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Permanent make up - a new way of life

Permanent make up especially for you if you want to highlight your natural benefits. Treat yourself to the indescribably good feeling of being looked after around the clock. In an individual consultation, I respond to your wishes and offer you professional type advice for your perfect permanent make-up.

Permanent make-up is particularly interesting for:


  • People who value well-groomed looks and want to save time

  • Glasses and lens wearers

  • People with vision problems - blindness

  • Athletes

  • People after plastic surgery

  • People after chemotherapy

  • People who are allergic to conventional cosmetic products

  • People with sparse hair growth - alopecia

  • People with scars between their brows or on their lips


Long-lasting care

So that you can enjoy your new permanent make-up for a long time, you should note some important care tips after pigmentation. In the first week you can ...

do not use a solarium

do not visit a sauna

do not use a swimming pool

do not sunbathe directly


You will receive these care products from me free of charge for your treatment, coordinated with your pemament makeup. The Grazia care cream for the healing phase. The vitamin E content ensures that the lips and brows remain supple.

As aftercare for pigmented lips, the high-quality SC naturebalm or SC lipbalm with UV-B and UV-A protection and extracts from Cardiospermum Halicacabum. The care stick is built with a high-quality moisturizer and enriched with tripeptides, which are responsible for better lip volume and a smooth feeling.



I adhere to the highest hygiene standards for my work, in accordance with the guidelines for practice-related hygiene - disinfection - sterilization - workplace design, set up by the Association of Swiss Professional Tattoo Artists VST in cooperation with the Swiss Samaritan Association and the Swiss Association for Cosmetics. I only work with face mask and disposable gloves. The workplace and work utensils are disinfected after each treatment. The needle systems that I use for my work are individually sterile packed. No spreading or transmission of diseases or germs. When I make an appointment, I do a check with questions.



I only use Swiss Color® colors. These are micro-mineral pigments that are manufactured in a controlled manner and are produced and certified in accordance with the ISO standards of the Swiss authorities. The micromineral pigments are natural pigments that are not vegetable, but of mineral origin, so as not to cause allergies. All pigments have the same structure, which means I can mix the colors well and get a perfectly coordinated color structure. Whether for eyebrows, eyelids or lip pigmentation, I always find the ideal shade for your type and needs thanks to the wide range of colors.

The pigments meet the requirements of ResAP (2008) 1 and the new pharmaceutical raw materials regulation of 04/2013 regarding nickel content. Swiss Color® follows the EDI regulation on objects for mucous membrane, skin and hair contact (Ordinance on objects for human contact, HKV, SR 817.023.41) as of version 1 May 2017 and ResAP (2008) 1. Furthermore, the pigment substance is also tested for possible contamination in independent, accredited test laboratories. Swiss Color® guarantees that its pigments are made from high-purity raw materials, mixed and dispersed under vacuum and sterilized with gamma rays. To exclude allergy sufferers, they do not use any preservatives. Swiss Color® pigments contain no iron oxides, no dangerous AZO dyes, no PAH = polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, no banned heavy metals, no dangerous aromatic amines including NDELA = nitrosodiethanolamine.


Permanent makeup without pain

The skin is numbed before and during the treatment and the pigmentation is therefore bearable and almost painless.

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