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Motivation - Happiness - Love

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

My four-part blog series is over. But here comes already my next blog, because I had this weekend a really very interesting encounter and very interesting conversations. Therefore, I can not help it and must write this blog for you.


Does this also happen to you?

You think about something or talk about a topic and suddenly you encounter this topic everywhere?

That's how I felt this weekend.

It started on Friday with a customer. Actually, a burning topic had been haunting me the whole week before and that was the topic of motivation - happiness - love.

I don't know about you, but I have the impression that people are lacking a good portion of happiness at the moment. People no longer greet each other, the smile is missing and if you look really closely, the glow in their eyes is missing. It is just as if the world wears a light veil of gray.

"That's clear and understandable!" many will now say. "It's no wonder in this situation we have right now."

But feel deep inside yourself. Don't you miss seeing the smiles of those around you and the sparkle in their eyes? Right now we are very dependent on the expression in the eyes of the person we are talking to. Because the eyes are currently our most important non-verbal communication, since our facial expressions are mostly hidden behind the mask. Nonverbal communication is more important than ever, because we need it to show emotions and closeness, which we currently lack more and more.

How many emotionless faces do you encounter lately?

How many de-motivated, unhappy and listless people do you encounter lately?

Have they become more? Do you not know because you don't deal with people that much anymore?

How do you think about this topic?

As I said, it started last Friday with a client. She came to my studio to have her two-tone eyeliner refreshed after 5 years. And she told me that her colleagues were approaching her more and more often and asking her how she could be so motivated and manage to put on makeup every day and look so fresh. And she answers her colleagues that it's not makeup, it's permanent makeup that makes her look so fresh.

She told me that she's really happy to have the eyeliner as permanent makeup, which just makes her eyes shine so beautifully every day without having to do much touching up. And she doesn't fall into that motivational hole because she just feels good when she looks in the mirror. No big make-up, just a little mascara applied and she just feels comfortable in her radiance.

Such encounters and even more interesting conversations on this topic I had all weekend and there I just had to write this blog.

This blog post is a call to all! - regardless of gender. Because permanent makeup and the topic of motivation - Happiness - Love is not just a women's thing.

I know it's not easy at the moment and it won't get easier the longer the situation of uncertainty and detachment lasts. But do not lose your motivation to feel good, to be happy and thus to give and receive love.

The own appearance, contributes a lot to feel good, to be happy and motivated to experience the day. This has nothing to do with vanity. How can you feel good if you don't like what you see in the mirror? But when you like what you see in the mirror, when your own reflection shines at you, then you simply feel good and happy!


With permanent makeup you look naturally beautiful and fresh every day without being made up. If you want to know more about it then, read my blogs on my website:

and you can also write me. you know, I'm always very happy about your opinions, your suggestions and questions or topic wishes :-)

Do not forget:

Life is the expansion of our happiness!

Your Melli Ceci

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