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Insights into my work - Removing doubts

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

I decided to write a 4-part blog series:

Part 1: Consultations - Why I offer them free of charge & without obligation

Part 2: Eyebrows - Shapes & Corrections

Part 3: Lips - Colors & Freshness

Part 4: Eyeliner - Expression of the eyes

This blog series is all about you and your questions.

How did this idea come about?

I sat down and wrote down all the questions that I have been asked over the years. I am always happy to answer them in my consultations, which take place in detail before the actual treatment. I noticed that they are always the same questions and that every woman has certain fears and doubts, even if she would like to have permanent makeup. These fears and doubts are also justified. Of course! If you search the Internet, you will understand that, with all the horror stories about failed permanent makeup drawings that can be read there. For example, about:

  • Miss-drawn eyebrows in all shapes, heights and depths

  • Inflamed eyes after treatment, to necessary visits to the ophthalmologist after botched work

  • Lips that would do honor to those of "Batman's Joker". With the disadvantage that the color now sits firmly in the skin and the only way to get rid of these ugly colored lips would be to remove the color with the help of the laser.

  • And then the pain! Of course, not to forget all the reports about how incredibly painful the treatments would be.

And that's exactly why I decided to write this blog series.

In the 1st part I will cover:

  • Why I offer the counseling sessions in the first place.

  • Why I offer them free of charge and without obligation.

  • What questions arise there and my answers to them.

  • What is permanent makeup useful for in the first place.

This blog series I dedicate the month of March. You can always read the blog posts on my homepage under the Blog section.

If you don't want to miss the blog news, you can also subscribe here: mention the keyword "blog news" and you will always get the blog post sent directly to you.

One more thing: I would be very happy if you write me your opinions, your suggestions and questions or topic wishes for the blog series. Still I can let them flow in and you would have then immediately answered your personal question.


I look forward to meeting you and writing part 1 of the blog series "Insights into my work - removing doubts" for you.

Your Melanie "Melli" Ceci

MIU- Make It Unique

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