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How is a lip permanent makeup created?

In this blog post I show you how a lip permanent makeup is created. The following pictures show the lips of the same customer in the course of creation.

Before 1st treatment Immediately after the 1st treatment

Immediately after the treatment, the lips are swollen and the color appears much too strong and very intense. But don't worry! The healing phase takes a few weeks. During this time, the color changes constantly.

2 weeks after the 1st treatment 8 weeks after the 1st treatment

In the initial stage of healing the crust comes off. The healing phase lasts about 12 days . The color is hardly visible after the crust comes off. You can see it on the picture "2 weeks after the 1st treatment".

You might get a sinking feeling and get scared, because the contrast to the beginning is really very strong. But then, like a small miracle, the color slowly reappears. Very slowly it develops in the skin. Like a caterpillar that develops into a butterfly. And after 6-8weeks you can see the final result of the healed color and the 2nd treatment can be done. During the 2nd treatment, unevenness and missing color spots are then filled in and corrected, and the color can also be intensified again if desired.

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