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Consultations - Why I offer them free of charge & without obligation.

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Welcome to part 1 of my four-part blog series, "Insights into my work - removing doubts."

Every woman who thinks about the subject of permanent makeup has many questions about it. I would like to name just a few here:

  • How does permanent make up work?

  • How long does permanent makeup last?

  • Does it hurt?

  • Does it bring anything at all in old age?

  • What colors are available?

  • What is possible?

  • How much does permanent makeup cost?

Some answers to these questions you can still somehow find out from the Internet. But beyond that, there are more questions and doubts:

  • Where should I go for that?

  • Which studio is good?

  • Which permanent makeup artist can I trust?

  • Will she/he do the job well and be able to draw me the permanent makeup I imagine and I would like to have?

  • Will she/he know what suits me?

  • Will I be satisfied with it? What if it goes wrong?

One thing is quite clear, with permanent makeup you simply want to look good and you want to make your everyday life easier, because nothing can smear. But where should you get the answers to these questions? How can you get the security and confidence to know that you are really in good hands?

That is why I offer the consultations.

Permanent makeup is not simply applied quickly. No, it is built up in several treatment steps. Did you know that? For a good permanent make-up it needs about three treatments. Sometimes two are enough, but sometimes four treatments are necessary. It always depends on the skin and the drawing. The interval between treatments is at least 4 weeks, because the skin needs 28 days to regenerate. Therefore, you should know exactly where you are going and who you can trust during this intensive process, so that in the end you have the perfect permanent makeup and can enjoy it every day.

My motto is that permanent makeup should not be a substitute for makeup, but should simply highlight and emphasize the beauty of every woman. You should feel attractive even without makeup and feel that certain glow!

There are almost no limits to permanent makeup.

Whether it's a light correction and adjustment of the eyebrows, drawing in individual hairs or light shading. Or whether it is a complete redrawing, in all the different variations (3D-brows, powder-brows, hairs drawing).

It doesn't matter if it's just a thin eyeliner, which should hardly be noticed in everyday life but still emphasize and open the eyes. Or a wide, striking eyeliner with light shading or even two-tone.

Whether it is a fine lip line that is not noticeable but brings the lips back into shape. Or a light shading, which gives the lips their freshness. Or a full drawing, in 3D optics, which gives the lip a perfect shape.

All this is possible with the colors and materials that I use. Due to the wide spectrum of colors, I have wonderfully diverse possibilities to work and thus draw you an absolutely individual permanent makeup.

How does a consultation like this work?

During the consultation, I will draw the ideal shape together with you, so that you know exactly how your individual permanent makeup will finally look. In addition, I will respond to your wishes and concerns and choose the ideal color for it. I will explain to you why the different treatments are necessary and how long each treatment will take. You will see how permanent makeup works, how I work and which materials I use.

At the same time you will have the opportunity to get to know me and get an impression of the studio and my way of working. This way you can decide for yourself if you like me and if you can trust my work. I would like to give you this opportunity without any pressure or obligation. That is why I offer the consultations free of charge and also without obligation. This is close to my heart and very important to me.

I think these are enough good reasons why I offer the consultations free of charge & without obligation.

What do you think? :-)

In part 2 of my blog series, I will talk about eyebrows. What is possible in terms of shapes and corrections?


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Warm regards and see you soon!

Your Melanie "Melli" Ceci

MIU - Make It Unique

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