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Eyebrows – Shape and corrections

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Welcome to part 2 of my four-part blog series "Insights into my work - removing doubts".

With this blog I would like to show you how the eyebrows can be designed through permanent makeup.

Have you ever consciously looked at the eyebrows of the people you deal with?

If so, you've probably noticed that there are so many different eyebrows. They come in all variations:

Wide ones, thick ones, fine ones, thin ones. For some, the brows look up, for others, down. There are brows that go from wide to thin or from thin to wide. Are beautifully curved or angular or quite straight, or even grow together in front. Some brows fade wildly backward, or the back hairs are missing, making them look like short strips. And there are people for whom the eyebrows are quite dark and bushy, and for others you can hardly see the eyebrows because the hair is so light and fine.

And yet each of these forms fits the face of the person quite individually. Eyebrows give a personal touch and expression to any face. Eyebrows are the shaper of any face.

So many women pluck their eyebrows to give their face a beautiful and well-groomed look. Or draw the shape with an eyebrow pencil every day because they are not satisfied with their brows.

Like for example with a friend of mine. She is very sporty. Enthusiastic skier in the winter and in the summer she explores various bike parks with her mountain bike or pulls her lanes in the water with me. She was not satisfied with her eyebrows. In the front area they had gaps and too short they were also and anyway, they were not as they should be! :-) Therefore she had redrawn them every day with an eyebrow pencil. The eyebrow pencil was her faithful companion. She was used to tracing her eyebrows, but it was a compulsory program for her and somehow she was also restricted in her movements, always careful not to smudge her eyebrows. Once, I remember well, there was no longer this one pencil to buy that she always used. It was a big drama and she almost despaired until she finally found a pencil that was the right consistency and color again. I never wanted to impose, but that's when I thought it was time for eyebrow permanent makeup. She agreed with me, she had been thinking about it for a while but hadn't really dared. I showed her all the possibilities and took away her fears (which, by the way, I go into in my 1st part of this blog series) and now she has an eyebrow permanent makeup and is overjoyed and enjoys her sport without limitations.

With permanent makeup, I can shape each eyebrow in its individual natural form or change it if desired.

Light areas or gaps due to missing hairs, for example, I can fill by drawing in individual hairs (this is the so-called hairs technique):



Before After

Barely existing eyebrows can also be redesigned by the hairs technique and due to the variety of my colors I can ensure that the color of the pigmented hairs is matched to the own hairs and the drawing thus looks natural.

Older permanent make up drawing can be refreshed. By the way, this is advisable in the period of 3-4 years, so the eyebrows look nice and fresh again. Depending on your taste, which also changes over time, you can also make slight corrections to the shape:

It is also possible for me to refresh and correct old and faded microblading drawings. Let me explain briefly what is important in the corrections. The difficulty here is to include the old existing drawing in the correction and draw a harmonious shape from it. For this, the preliminary drawing is very important. To do this, I draw only the outer edge of the new shape to have a frame for the hairs drawing that allows the view of the actual eyebrow and the direction of growth of the hairs. In this way, I can match the drawing of the new hairs to my own and give the brow a natural look despite the correction:

Permanent makeup is designed to make your everyday life easier. No more drawing your eyebrows every day.

My motto is, the permanent make-up should highlight and emphasize the beauty of every woman simply and naturally and you should feel attractive every day even without make-up and feel that certain glow! :-)

In the consultation, I will draw together with you the ideal shape of the eyebrow. In addition, I will respond to your wishes and concerns and choose the ideal color for it. How the consultation proceeds, you can read in Part 1 of my blog series.

In part 3 of my blog series I will talk about the lips. On the possibilities and colors that exist to give the lips a natural freshness or also to emphasize them more.


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Warm regards and see you soon!

Your Melanie «Melli» Ceci

MIU- Make It Unique

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