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Quality at Miu permanent make up cosmetics - advantages of using the right colors

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Welcome to my new blog post.

After my 4-part blog series "Insights into my work - removing doubts", in which I talked about the following topics,

  • Part 1: Consultations - Why I offer them free of charge & without obligation

  • Part 2: Eyebrows - Shapes & Corrections

  • Part 3: Lips - Colors & Freshness

  • Part 4: Eyeliner - expression of eyes

I would now like to talk about the topic - quality at Miu permanent make up cosmetics and why it is so important to use the right pigments.

My motto is, permanent makeup should highlight and emphasize the beauty of every woman simply and naturally. Every woman should feel attractive every day even without makeup and feel that certain glow!

Using the right pigments is not only important for my work, but it is also beneficial for you if the right pigments are used for your permanent makeup.

There are almost no limits to permanent make-up.

- Whether it should be a light correction and adjustment of the eyebrows, in which individual hairs or light shades are drawn in. Or whether it should be a complete redrawing, in the different variations (3D-Brows, Powder-Brows, hairs drawing)...

- Whether a thin eyeliner is desired, which should hardly be noticeable in everyday life but still accentuate and open the eyes. Or whether it should be a wide, striking eyeliner, with light shading or even two-colored designed...

- Whether it should be only a fine lip contour, which is not noticeable, but brings the lips back into shape. Or a light shading, which gives the lips their freshness or a full drawing, in 3D optics, which gives the lip a perfect shape.


All this is possible with the pigments of Swiss Color®, which I use. Due to the wide spectrum of these pigments, I have wonderfully versatile possibilities to work and thus draw you an absolutely individual permanent makeup.

One thing is quite clear, with a permanent makeup you simply want to look good and you want to make your everyday life easier because nothing can smear anymore and the daily redrawing has come to an end.

But have you ever thought about the fact that by using the right pigments you not only have a visual, cosmetic advantage, but also a health benefit?

I use Swiss Color® pigments because Swiss Color® strives to develop the most prestigious and high-quality products the beauty industry has to offer. And their pigments do not contain any preservatives in order to exclude and avoid allergy carriers. These pigments are free from iron oxides, dangerous AZO dyes, PAH = polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, forbidden heavy metals, dangerous aromatic amines including NDELA = Nitrosodiethanolamine. Swiss Color® pigments comply with the requirements of ResAP (2008)1, the regulation of 21/12/2012 and the new pharmaceutical regulation from 04/2013 concerning nickel. Swiss Color® follows the Ordinance of the EDI on objects for the mucosa, skin and hair contact (Ordinance on objects for human contact, HKV, SR 817.023.41) Version: May 1, 2017 and ResAP(2008)1. Furthermore, each pigment raw material is tested for possible impurities in independent accredited testing laboratories. Swiss Color® guarantees that their pigments are made from high-purity raw materials, mixed and dispersed under vacuum and sterilized with gamma rays.

What does that mean for you?

For you, this means absolute safety and certainty that you will receive a high-quality permanent makeup that is harmless to your health. I have been using these pigments since 2009 and I am really convinced of them, because I experience the quality of these pigments every day. My clients, who can no longer wear make-up because of their allergies and skin problems, have tolerated the permanent make-up wonderfully and are now more than happy! Because through the permanent make-up they can feel attractive again every day and feel that certain Glow! :-)

In the next few days, I will publish more posts on Instagram and Facebook on the topic of "Quality at MIU". So stay tuned for what's to come!

If you haven't yet read my four-part blog series "Insights into my work - removing doubts", then take a look at my blog section and enjoy an entertaining and at the same time informative reading experience.

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Do you have any questions or further suggestions and topics for a new blog post on permanent makeup? Then write to me. I am always happy about your brainstorms!

And if you just want to get free advice without obligation, then go ahead, make an appointment with me and come over :-)

Warm regards,

Your, Melanie «Melli» Ceci

(images used in this article with kind permission of Swiss Color®)

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