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Lips - Colors & Freshness

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Welcome to part 3 of my four-part blog series

"Insights into my work - removing doubts".


Do you know that this is my very first blog series that I have ever written! And I must tell you that it is a lot of fun for me to write these blog posts and to give you insights into my work and to give you information about how useful and great permanent makeup is. In the meantime, I already have really loyal readers who are eagerly waiting to see what I will write next. My mother in law, for example, finds my blog posts so great that she would love to create an Instagram or Facebook account to no longer miss any of my posts 😃

This blog post is about the lips. To have fresh and natural looking lips every day. In this blog post I will not go into the different shapes and colors and corrections, as in the last one, but I want to stimulate your imagination and make you think a little.

How many of you wear or always carry a lipstick in your handbag? In the morning, before you go out of the house, the lips drawn? At the first meeting, there again briefly drawn on the lips? Before lunch, put on the lipstick again? After lunch, put on the lipstick again? In the afternoon, before the next meeting, put on the lipstick again? Or before the meeting with a friend, put on the lipstick? In the evening, before going home, reapplied the lips again? Or at a party, a celebration, an occasion - the lipstick in the clutch with you? Now and then briefly traced the lips and looked to see if nothing sticks to the teeth?

I could give your imagination many more suggestions. But for now, I'd like to get you thinking and asking,

Have you ever thought about where your lipstick always disappears, that you always have to redo it?

Sure, on the napkin or on the glass .... but how many grams do you think ended up in your stomach?

The cosmetics industry is experiencing serious losses. The sale of make-up products, as well as lipsticks, has fallen drastically. (Kosmetik-Branche im Dilemma: Kein Lippenstift in der Corona-Krise | I guess it's because of the times we have right now. Nobody wants to have lipstick on the inside of the mask, smeared around the mouth. People don't go out anymore either, where would they go? The opportunities just aren't there anymore.

But how do you feel when you look in the mirror now?

Don't you still want to feel fresh and beautiful, even if you can't be around people as much?

Wouldn't you still like to feel that glow!? ... that wow effect when you look in the mirror? Every day, even when you are at home?

With a permanent makeup this is possible! Every day!

There are so many options, so many colors to give your lips a natural, beautiful freshness or to emphasize them more if that's more your style. From rosé to light red, to dark red or blackberry or to pink or more of a brownish tone. Everything is possible.


I said no to lipstick eating eleven years ago. The very first thing I did after my training as a permanent makeup stylist was to pigment my lips. Firstly, to experience how this treatment feels and secondly, I simply wanted to have fresh great lips every day. My goal was to look fresh and well-groomed every day without much makeup.

If you also want that, then consider whether a permanent makeup would not also be something for you. If you still have questions or doubts, then contact me, write me or call me. Arrange a consultation with me. I offer this free of charge and without obligation.

In part 1 of my blog series you can read how such a consultation takes place and why I offer it for free.

If you don't want to miss the blog news, you can also subscribe here, mention the keyword "blog news" and you will always get the blog post sent directly to you.

Warm regards and see you soon!

Your Melanie «Melli» Ceci

MIU- Make It Unique

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