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Eyeliner - Expression of the eyes

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Welcome to the 4th part of my blog series

"Insights into my work - removing doubts".

The eyeliner, a simple line with enormous effect.

It is what it is. The expression of our eyes is very important to us. When you meet someone, when you talk to someone, where do you look? Into the eyes! When we put on makeup, accentuating our eyes is one of the most important parts of makeup. I'm not just thinking about makeup in everyday life, but the film and theater world spontaneously comes to mind. Even on stage, the expression of the eyes is of very great importance for facial expressions. Speaking of the stage, isn't our life also a big stage? ;-)

When I think of eyeliner, I always think of the ancient Egyptians and see the image of their striking, black-rimmed eyes in front of me. Did you know? That back then both sexes outlined their eyes with black kohl? It was supposed to protect the eyes from glaring sunlight, even more, their mixture of the kohl had an antiseptic effect. But the cosmetics also served as a status symbol and was an important part for man and woman. And when I think of the ancient Egyptians, I immediately think of Asterix and Cleopatra :-) - Who knows the comic from the Asterix series? -, which in turn makes me think of the ancient Romans. There, too, cosmetics and the emphasis on the eyes played a major role in the appearance of women. So already thousands of years ago eyeliner was used to achieve great effect. And that in almost all cultures. Not just with the Egyptians or Romans, no, think ahead and go through every culture and people in every country in your mind for once. If you come across one where the woman didn't use eyeliner or didn't use it skillfully, let me know!

o we draw the eyelid line almost every day with a kajal or eyeliner to give our eyes some expression. Many customers also told me that they feel like "naked" in the face if they have not made up the eyes. The eyeliner and mascara are therefore almost a must to feel good.

A perfect solution to not always be at the mercy of this duty is the option to have the eyeliner as a permanent makeup drawing. The fact that the eyeliner can be pigmented in all variations means that the perfect solution can be found for every woman. Even if I as a woman say: " I love to put on make-up! And applying my makeup every day is simply part of my daily routine that I don't want to miss", an eyeliner permanent makeup brings advantages. Because there can be days when drawing the eyelid line may not always succeed at first go and yet takes time.


Vorher Nachher

I would also like to address the subject of allergies. Many now react allergic to the kajal or eyeliner. Just then a permanent make up is an ideal solution. The pigments I use are wonderful for this because they are absolutely high quality. They are free of iron oxides, nickel and other allergy-causing preservatives. And I'm not just writing that, no, that's what Swiss Color®, the company that makes the colors, stands for and the many female customers suffering from nickel allergies or other allergies that I have already pigmented.

Or for people who wear glasses... It is incredibly complicated, sometimes almost impossible, to draw the eyelid line as a spectacle wearer.

Permanent makeup should make your everyday life easier. Also in old age. I get requests again and again, whether this is still possible at a certain age, because the skin around the eye area has lost its elasticity. Yes, it works wonderfully! And it's especially useful when you can no longer see so well and the makeup settles in the wrinkles and smears more easily. Especially in old age, clear contours help to freshness! Speaking of which, not only around the eye area, but also for the lips. In my last blog post, part 3 of my blog series "Lips - Colors & Freshness" you can see great examples of how much freshness a clear lip contour brings.

In conclusion, I would like to quote a Roman poet: «Cura dabit faciem» wrote the Roman poet Ovid: "Care makes the face beautiful" and that is exactly my motto.

The permanent makeup should highlight and emphasize the beauty of every woman simply and naturally and you should feel attractive every day even without make-up and feel that certain glow! :-)

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Do you have any questions, further suggestions and topics for a new blog post about permanent makeup? Then write to me!

I am always very happy about flashes of inspiration from you!

In this sense, see you very soon.

Warm regards, your Melanie «Melli» Ceci

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